Dear RBL, we want you to be great

I am not in competition with RBL. I support any and every book review publication that produces excellent essays for the benefit of scholarship. It helps all of us when there are quality essays written by qualified experts who engage the books under review in a fair and insightful manner. As the editor of MRB, I realize that […]

Early 2015 Movements

Early 2015. Would love to connect with you if you’re around any of these here parts. Jan 3-5 New York   The Future of the Book Review – Presidential Panel, American Historical Association Jan 5-7 US West    Religious Studies Consultation Jan 31 Oxford   Syriac Biblical Translations in Late Antiquity – Syriac Intellectual Culture in Late Antiquity: […]

The Septuagint Sessions #11 – Ross Wagner on his new book on Greek Isaiah

With apologies for the long delay, the Septuagint Sessions is back online with one more episode to end the year. In 2015 expect more frequency and some other exciting developments about which I’ll say something in due course. This interview with Ross Wagner of the Duke Divinity School took place this past summer in Göttingen at my favorite […]

Don’t Divert with #NYPDLivesMatter

Even if unintentionally, by using #NYPDLivesMatter you’re appropriating a tag that was meant to call attention to the very opposite of your tag and you’re claiming that the heinous act of one rogue, disturbed individual against two lives is equivalent in its audacity to the systemic oppression, harassment, and murder of numerous black lives by […]

The Prince of Peace and Torture

“Sixty nine percent of white evangelicals believe the CIA [torture] treatment was justified, compared to just 20% who said it was not. (Those numbers, incidentally, roughly mirror the breakdown of Republican versus Democratic voters among white evangelicals.) A full three-quarters (75%) of white non-evangelical Protestants outnumber the 22% of their brethren in saying CIA treatment […]


I’m very excited that three of my amigos have won major awards in the past few days. Hats off to Casey Strine, Will Kynes, and Carly Crouch for the good news they’ve all received this week. Casey came out of the same bunch of the Oxford Old Testament posse at the end of the last […]

Critical Scholarship in the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature

I heard about a lot of challenges for the AAR and the SBL during our few days in San Diego, but one of the ones that struck me has popped up in the days since. Russell McCutcheon wrote today: Frankly, I find much of the SBL far better for at least they recognize — almost to a […]

Trust the System

Capital. Protect? Serve? Harass. Beat. Wound. Shoot. Blood. Red. Street. Gutter. Breath. Expire. Next? Who? Us? Them? Protect. Protect. Protect. Capital. Protect. Capital. Poverty. Capital. Poverty. Opposites. Obstacles. Opponents. Poor. Nuisance. Rats. Vermin. Demon! Demonic! Brute. Savage. Beast. Dark. Fear. Kill. Drown. Suffocate. Hang. Remove. Rid. Cleanse. Purify. Capital. More. More. More. Ours. Us. Me. […]