The Septuagint Sessions

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The Septuagint Sessions is a podcast devoted to the Septuagint and related literature.

All episodes are listed at this page. Since they are published every few weeks, the best way to stay informed is to subscribe using an RSS reader with this feed, or go directly to iTunes and subscribe there.

9780199781720I have also written a historical narrative of the Septuagint from its origins to Late Antiquity, and many of the issues currently central to Septuagint study are covered in this book. You can find When God Spoke Greek at Amazon or local bookshops. In the book I avoided overly technical discussions, but on this podcast I cover the material in more depth. To assist you as you listen, I also produce episode notes. You’ll find these on the blog post for the episode.

One more thing before you go. The Septuagint Sessions is a labor of love, but it does cost several hundred dollars a year for the space and technology. If you enjoy what you’re hearing and you feel inclined to give up a Starbucks or two in the coming week, I’d be most grateful if you use the form below to support the show.

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